Cultivate. Nurture. Grow.

On our little piece of sweet earth, we are growing good food for you good people. With a focus on sustainable nurturance, deep care for our soil and selves, and growth in every aspect we are recognizing our dreams.

Today and every day: Grow and eat good food. Find your grounding in the earth and connect to nature that is in you - the nature that is you. Make space for wildness. Be wild. Tend and be tender. Don’t be good; be defiant. Cultivate compassion and empathy. Hold yourself in strength and dignity. Hold each other.
— Gardening is a form of resistence - Gayla Trail




With a wide selection of vegetables, a dabbling in strawberries + rhubarb, herbs + flowers we take great pride in getting these goods to you. Find us at....

  • Riley Park Farmers Market in the lovely Main St. area of Vancouver. Every Saturday, 10-2, from April 28th - October 27th.

  • In collaboration with Cedar Isle Farm you can find Sweet Earth vegetables at nearly every Vancouver Farmers Market whenever Cedar Isle is there. Check the VFM website for Cedar Isle dates and locations.

  • Visit Curly Kale Eatery in Chilliwack and try the kale salad or anything potatoes and taste some Sweet Earth.

  • Discovery Organics distributes our fresh garlic throughout the city and province.

  • Tama Organic Life on Hastings in Vancouver carries a selection of our fresh veggies, as well as a lovely array of Japanese foods, veggies from other local growers and a great fridge full of fermented foods.

  • Nada on E Broadway in Vancouver also carries a selection of Sweet Earth vegetables. Be sure to bring your reusable bags, bottles and containers as this cool store is zero waste!!

  • Farm Fresh at the Yarrow EcoVillage if you are interested in visiting our farm, and picking up your veggies from the source, please feel free to drop us a line. We'd be happy to share space with you.

  • Winter Harvest CSA Once a year we share the harvest with you through our winter harvest program. Check out the page next door for more details. 2018 registration is now OPEN!