Winter Harvest CSA


for the love of food

While farming just for the sake of being in the dirt is cool and all, the outcome of sustainable farming is food, lots and lots of really good food. It warms our farmer hearts so very deeply to share our harvest with you. Particularly an autumn harvest, destined to be stored in your root cellars, garages, closets and pantries, until the thick of winter. Destined for warm dinners with friends, big pots of soup for school lunches, holiday parties and an onion to begin every meal.

With great pleasure, we bring you the idea of a Winter Harvest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). While a traditional CSA brings you a box of fresh veggies once a week for the summer months, our model of CSA aims to bring you a whole winters worth of storage veggies in one go. This allows us to provide food to you in a more affordable way, it brings sustainability to farming (A typical CSA is quite labour intensive for the farmer, not something that this farmer can commit to at the time!) And most of all it provides a tangible means towards eating locally and sustainably for a larger portion of the year.


The details

*UPDATE* Lovebugs!! We’re full for 2018!! Send us a note to be put on the list for 2019, tell your people and celebrate local food! THANK YOU!!!!!

Beginnings are such fresh times! As a trial run and first go at this idea, we are opening registration for the winter harvest CSA from OCT 5-31. Pick ups will be in early November at one of three locations: Yarrow EcoVillage, Rail District Community Market (Abbotsford) and Riley Park (Vancouver.) Watch for 2019 registrations to open in March 2019.

The food

The essentials:

  • 50lbs German Butter Potatoes

  • 30lbs Cortland Yellow Onions

  • 15lbs Redwing Red Onion

  • 20lbs Winter Squash (a mix of acorn, kuri, spaghetti and delicata)

  • 2lbs Red Russian Garlic

  • $245

Additional add ons:

  • Red Beets - $2.00/lb

  • Leeks - $2.00/lb

  • Mossy or Lacinato Kale - $2.00/lb

  • Collards - $2.00/lb

  • We are certified organic, grown with intention, small scale (really small scale, under two acres, mostly one person and her lovely kids and community!) And we appreciate your support so very very much. You make farming possible!

  • All food will be packed in burlap sacks or paper bags for optimal long term storage. If kept in cool, dark conditions, this food will keep until late winter/early spring.

  • Our prices for the Winter Harvest CSA are based on our wholesale prices for local cafes and grocers, roughly 40% below farmers market prices.

  • Payment can be made through e-transfer, cheque, cash or square, details will be sent upon registration request.

  • Please fill in the order form below, with your questions, love and registration requests! We are capping the CSA at 20 members for this year, so do sign up quickly. If you miss out on this year, we will be sure to put you on the list for 2019.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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PS If you are in need of a good listen, go right now, and listen to Gregory Alan Isakov’s new record; Evening Machine. I’m on the 8th round of it today…. The perfect sounds for autumn harvesting, winter food dreaming and even webpage writing! xo, miranda