Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver




We are cultivating our lives, food and community with the utmost of care and intention. Nurturing ourselves, the land, the plant babies and you. Growing always, in all ways.

We're small scale, certified organic and practicing sustainability as an ever growing challenge. Looking for the moments to celebrate, the big picture to share and the every day moments in between to cherish.

Rooted in community at Yarrow EcoVillage. Rooted in our home, the fertile Fraser Valley. Rooted in farming. We bring big hearts, lofty dreams, humble mistakes, grace, communication and intention to our every day practice.


Meet your farmers....

Miranda Chiasson is the proud owner of Sweet Earth Farms. Bringing a background in horticulture, a love of wild plants and a nurturing soul, Miranda is just so delighted to bring good food to you. Each day is an opportunity for growth, a challenge and an achievement. Our connection with the dirt, with people and with something greater than ourselves is what keeps our farm going. Sinking into the life giving soil and working in the most sacred of collaborations with mama earth is good work. One that we are continuously honoured to do and share with you. We have two little farmhands, Celia and Lily - these little people love trimming onions, digging potatoes, playing in the van while mama works and munching spinach. Sustainable balance in regards to parenting while farming is a good conversation around here!


Marta began her journey with farming several years back in Ontario, where she grew up. While doing volunteer work at community gardens in her hometown, it dawned on her how many issues there are in our food system. One day she decided to take on farming as a career path, and everything changed. This meant that she would leave her downtown desk job and began working outside on an organic vegetable farm in the countryside. Farming is so meaningful to Marta because she loves taking care of the soil and growing healthy food that is shared with her community. What is also valuable to her is educating others about how important a sustainable food system is. After farming for a few seasons back east, she moved here to British Columbia a year ago. Last fall, she learned about the  Roots to Grow program that was starting up at the Yarrow Ecovillage and is helping out with that currently. Marta is thrilled to be part of this outdoor learning program and to teach children about the natural environment, including where food comes from. She is also very excited to now be part of the team at Sweet Earth Farms where her love for farming and building strong communities can come together!